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In today"s edition of Rewind, we revisit Lee Min Ho"s friendship with Jung Il Woo. The Sweet Munchies star, who has been friends with the actor since their days in school, once recalled his first meeting with The King: Eternal Monarch star.


Lee Min Ho Rewind: When Jung Il Woo revealed his "sparkling" first meeting with The King: Eternal Monarch star
If there is one K-world friendship with adore, it will undoubtedly be Lee Min Ho & Jung Il Woo's friendship. The Korean stars' bond precedes their stardom & popularity. Fans of The King: Eternal Monarch star and Moon Embracing The Sun stars have known each other since they were high school. Although Lee Min Ho & Jung Il Woo did not attend the same school, they became friends via mutual friends. But how was their first meeting? Jung Il Woo shared his "sparkling" memory of it.

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Via Soompi, Jung Il Woo appeared on My Ugly Duckling last year and said that he had heard about Lee Min Ho long before he actually crossed paths with him. The actor recalled hearing about Lee Min Ho's popularity courtesy his good looks. "When we were in high school, he was at the school next lớn me và he was really famous among the students. He was well-known for his good looks, so I heard about him before I ever met him," he said.

Jung Il Woo added that when he finally met Lee Min Ho, it felt like the Legend of the blue Sea star was "sparkling." "When we first met, it was like he was sparkling. We didn’t go to the same school, but we became friends through mutual friends," he said. Although they were teenagers when they met, the actor revealed that their friendship and bond have matured with time.

"When we were younger, I would think from time lớn time, ‘Why does he think like that?’ & ‘Why doesn’t he agree with me?’ Now that we’re past our 30s, we’ve learned to respect each other. I think we’ve become closer because of our differences," he said. Speaking about their compatibility, Jung Il Woo said that they were completely opposite personalities. The only factor binding the two stars together is their taste in food. "Eventually, we came to respect each other’s differences. We would put up with things we didn’t lượt thích if the other person liked it và vice versa," he said.

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The South Korea star also revealed that apart from food, their teetotalism was another factor that was common between the two. He revealed that Lee Min Ho doesn't indulge in drinking at all. "When we meet up, we have coffee & go to lớn cafés. Nowadays, I bởi vì drink a couple of glasses," he said.Apart from sharing several happy memories, Lee Min Ho and Jung Il Woo left fans in tears when they were involved in a horrific accident. Back in 2006, the actor-duo was headed on a vacation with a few friends. During their road trip, a car crossed the centreline and crashed into their vehicle which resulted in a deadly crash, Koreabook reported. The accident left both the actors hospitalised for months. Thankfully, the two stars recovered from the crash and went on khổng lồ become extremely popular actors.

This year, Jung Il Woo và Lee Min Ho made the headlines when the former sent a sweet gift lớn the sets of The King: Eternal Monarch. The SBS drama marked Lee Min Ho's return lớn the small screen following his compulsory military training. The actor sent a coffee truck on the sets of the drama. The banner on the coffee truck read, “Min Ho, you’ve done great.”

Lee Min Ho expressed his gratitude towards the heartwarming gesture with a photo post on his Instagram profile. Kiểm tra out the photo below:

As for their careers, Jung Il Woo was seen in Sweet Munchies this summer, which ended around the same time that The King: Eternal Monarch ended. Fans are eager lớn watch the duo return on the small/big screen with their respective projects.

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