Psy is at it again! The darling of internet viral videos has released his new K-Pop track, Gentleman on YouTube, garnering 44 million views on the site since

Nishtha KanalApr 15, 2013 09:58:36 IST

Psy is at it again! The darling of internet viral videos has released his new K-Pop track, Gentleman on YouTube, garnering 44 million views on the site since its debut on Saturday. The sequel to lớn the whirlwind super-hit Gangnam Style looks lượt thích it is on its way lớn becoming a viral success too.

Gentleman picks up where Gangnam Style left off. The track is catchy & the dance is hypnotic, keeping in theme with what has turned out to lớn be Psy’s signature style. The Korean sensation still makes pelvic thrusting moves, albeit a little less energetically this time around. You will not be hearing this track at your local IPL match for sure.

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Can Gentleman catch up with Gangnam Style?

Psy plays it safe and includes themes and artistes that were a part of his successful single, Gangnam Style. In fact, there is a sequence in a lift in this video too. Unlike his previous video clip where Psy was wooing the ladies, he’s doing exactly the opposite of what the title suggests – he’s being as uncouth as he can khổng lồ the women and kids. Psy yanks chairs as women are about khổng lồ sit and kicks footballs away from the reach of crying kids. Maybe there is something in the Korean lyrics we’re clearly missing.

Unanimously, the tuy vậy falls desperately short, not just on music, but also on the dance antics & sheer energy when compared lớn Gangnam Style. The views counter is surely not going to lớn stop ticking though. Once you’ve seen Gangnam Style, you surely won’t be able khổng lồ stop yourself from watching Gentleman. Whether you’ll want lớn loop it & make parody videos around it is a whole different question.

In December, Gangnam Style had officially become the first video clip ever on YouTube to garner a billion views worldwide. The catchy Korean song with its trademark horse dance was first uploaded on YouTube on July 15 & became a viral sensation instantly, with parody videos from all over the world cropping up. Currently, the đoạn clip has over one và a half billion views.

Earlier in January, in a rare disclosure on the company’s fourth quarter earnings call, Google"s Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora revealed that the most-viewed video on YouTube of all times had made a killing in earnings off the clip hosting site, earning about $8 million from the đoạn phim hosting site alone.

Gangnam Style became a popular celebratory style with celebrities and athletes alike dancing like Psy on the song. Arguably, one of the most popular celebrations was when the entire West Indian team danced on Gangnam Style post winning the T20 World Cup in India.

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Collins Dictionary even picked "Gangnam Style" as one of the Word of the Year for 2012 to be added to its các mục of words. chose one word per month in 2012 khổng lồ signify the current affairs of that month, và Gangnam Style became the word for November after smashing many records.

Earlier in December, YouTube released the list of most watched videos on the site and not surprisingly, Gangnam Style was on top of the charts the world over. In India, the horse dance track came second only to lớn home-grown Punjabi Rapper Yo! Yo! Honey Singh’s Brown Rang.

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