The Saem Saemmul Mousse Candy Tint Review

Today I"m going to be talking about The Saem Saemmul Mousse Candy Tint! I talked about the limited edition packaging of these tints last week because I literally didn"t pay attention to what I was buying and accidentally bought two of the same shades but in different packaging and was really annoyed about it because I"m obsessed with keeping collections together but now I can"t because I have two duplicates, and I have nobody to blame but myself.

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Light mousse texture expresses the face brightly with the vivid colors. Stay coating layer maintains the vivid colors with moisturizing ingredients. The vivid colors with fruity and fresh scents refresh the lips vividly.

These tints have really cute baby pink packaging, they"re shaped like little sweets which I think is adorable, but still stack nicely. I really like that they have unique prints on the packaging which make it easy to identify which shade I"m picking up.

There are five really pretty shades in the collection. They all have a beautiful velvety formula and really great pigmentation. In general, they"re all easy to apply and have great longevity.

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This is such a pretty, classic shade. It does have quite a heavy scent and taste which I find a little bitter, but it"s not too overwhelming. I find these tints super easy to apply, the wand handle is a little small, but it"s not too awkward to hold. I really enjoy wearing this shade, it"s really flattering on my skin tone!
This shade looks a little more red than it does pink, but it"s still a really pretty, wearable shade. These tints have a beautiful velvety texture, I find them to be very similar to the Peripera Ink Velvet tints, but they last quite a lot longer. I can wear these tints for up to 5 hours without reapplying (though of course if I eat I will need to reapply the tint).
Unsurprisingly, this is not my favourite shade, though I think it is really pretty! I just don"t think that it looks good on me. These tints do dry down to a soft matte finish and stain quite well.
This shade is the sheerest of the collection and does require a little more work to get the best finish. However, I do think that this is a really beautiful shade that looks nice on my skin tone. I get a little bit of the orange, but it"s not quite as stark as the bright orange.
I don"t usually enjoy cooler toned shades but this has a really pretty purple tint to it which I really enjoy! It"s a little more of a unique shade for me, but one that I really enjoy wearing. This shade doesn"t actually have the best longevity, it lasts for up to 3 hours on me, but not nearly as long or as well as the other shades which is very disappointing.
- Pretty inexpensive at $4-5USD each- Super cute packaging- Easy to apply- Beautiful velvety texture- Lasts for up to 5 hours