Son Kem Mac Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour

MAC Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour is a liquid lip màu sắc with a whipped, mousse-like texture that delivers soft-focus, moisture-matte, comfortable màu sắc with ten hours of hydration.

Benefits Immediate và 10-hour moisture Long-wearing, 10 hours Blurs lines and smooths lips Provides a soft-focus, blurred-color effect Smooth, Stay-true color, 10 hours Fade-resistant, non-settling, non-creasing, non-flaking and non-drying Features 97% said it was comfortable throughout wear* 97% said it left lips feeling soft và smooth* 94% said it left lips feeling moisturized* 97% said it felt weightless on lips* *Consumer testing on 104 women after one week Formulated Without Oil Phthalates Paraben Retinyl Palmitate Mineral Oil Petrolatum Formaldehyde Polyethylene Hydroquinone Triclosan Coal Tar Toluene

How khổng lồ Use

Apply directly to lips as desired with the hourglass-shaped applicator that perfectly hugs lips to lớn fill in lines & enhance lips with a smoothing & blurring effect.

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Product Reviews

Rated 4.31 out of 5 stars

181 Reviews

Most Helpful Positive Review

You will love these!

To say I love these would be The Understatement of the Year. The PKLLs are dense mousse lipsticks that can provide everything from a soft blurred wash of màu sắc to a more opaque, stronger effect. You can create a sharp edge with the wand applicator or diffuse with a lip brush, your finger, or just by smushing your lips together. One coat will dry down slightly, preventing excessive transfer. Two or more coats will leave a softer balmy feeling, but with more chances to lớn transfer and pill as the day wears on. These will also smear a bit if you are wearing your mask for an hour+. I have extremely wrinkly lips and these vì not settle, crack or crease. However, they also vì chưng not leave much of a stain behind. I didn"t find the online swatches helpful at all. I bought 3 "blind" (MACSMASH, Devoted to lớn Chili, and A Little Tamed), loved them so much I bought 3 more (Over the Taupe, Make Love to lớn the Camera, và the More the Mehr-ier) and loved all 6 of them SO MUCH I literally just ordered every single other màu sắc on the website because they are just $15 during the black Friday sale. The photos were all taken in natural light. I have light/medium skin with both yellow và red undertones — for reference I can wear most foundations running NC20 to NW35 (I"m mixed race european & asian). Of course, YMMV & everyone has their own preferences regarding color, texture, scent, longevity, etc. But I really think most people will lượt thích these, as they are just the perfect liquid, bullet, powder hybrid. And if you liked but were somewhat underwhelmed by the original bullet Powder Kiss Lipsticks, & enjoyed the Pony Effect Limited edition mousse lipsticks even tho they don"t last long, you will LOVE the PKLLs because they blow both the bullets and Pony out of the water in terms of performance, comfort, và color-saturation.

Most Helpful Critical Review

I am SO bummed

I had SUCH high hopes for this when I initially tried it on! I purchased Date-Maker (because you can"t try on in stores currently) and instantly fell in love when I tried it on in my car. It has an extremely light & soft weight. The color is BEAUTIFUL... A perfect warm nude that I have been searching for forever... (I typically wear Hitch Hiker or Uptight in the Urban Decay comfort mattes, but I"ve been on the hunt for a liquid lipstick that could survive wearing masks). However, by the time I got trang chủ from my trăng tròn minute drive... The color disappeared! I thought maybe I didn"t apply enough. The next day, I did full makeup and applied this... Only to lớn find it disappeared an hour later! So. I want khổng lồ love it. I DID love it... But it frankly doesn"t last longer than an average chapstick. If there is a trick lớn get this to last... Lipliner or lipgloss or anything... I would try to lớn purchase again. As of now, I returned it. If there is a long lasting lipstick in this same color, I would love to purchase it!!!

Reviewed by 181 customers

Love this


Melodee fromQueens

At first when I tried it, I didn"t like it. It was a different kind of texture and formula then a lot of other liquid lipsticks I have tried and I was like tf this isn"t applying like I thought it would. Then I gave it a second chance prepped my skin & lips properly then I was like oh my gosh this is comfortable và it applied really well.I"m impressed, I"m not 100% sure if it stays for a while or if it transfers easily because I didn"t kết thúc up wanting khổng lồ wear red lipstick that day but omg the next time I go out imma wear it & I"m going to feel real good doing so.

Love it!


Missy fromHouston TX

I absolutely love the màu sắc and how smooth the application is. I highly recommend and will purchase again.

Best lipstick I"ve tried


WB fromAustin, TX

I bought devoted khổng lồ chili in this formula and am absolutely in LOVE. Normal red lipsticks won"t stay on my bottom lip, but this formula does.



Sana fromMerced

love the lipstick. Soft matte texture.. But pls exfoliate ur lips before use or it will clling khổng lồ those flakes... But when applied after exfoliation it"s amazing. Transfer proof.. Soft matte & not overly drying. Love it..

amazing lipstick


Sana fromMerced

love the lipstick. Soft matte texture.. But pls exfoliate ur lips before use or it will clling to lớn those flakes... But when applied after exfoliation it"s amazing. Transfer proof.. Soft matte và not overly drying. Love it..

amazing lipstick


Sana fromMerced

love the lipstick. Soft matte texture.. But pls exfoliate ur lips before use or it will clling khổng lồ those flakes... But when applied after exfoliation it"s amazing. Transfer proof.. Soft matte và not overly drying. Love it..

amazing formula


Sana fromMerced

love the lipstick. Soft matte texture.. But pls exfoliate ur lips before use or it will clling lớn those flakes... But when applied after exfoliation it"s amazing. Transfer proof.. Soft matte & not overly drying. Love it..

The color is very nice, the lipstick is very smooth on the l


Nghi fromUsa

The màu sắc is very nice, the lipstick is very smooth on the lips, it"s just that the Mac is a bit dry, so you need to regularly use lip balm to have beautiful dream lips.

I am returning this product.

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Gwen fromCharleston

It is lớn thick và dry

My new favorite


Angelle180 fromOrlando, Fl.

Love the color and it doesn"t leave my lips feeling dry.



Toasty fromNew Jersey

This màu sắc is unreal. Never had so many compliments. It really can go on anyones skin tone. I was in love with the original retro matte liquid lip, but I"ve really been leaning towards the powder kiss liquids. I"ve gotten a few now & I haven"t looked back !

Velvet Lip


Juicystar07 fromAloha

The texture of this product reminds me of korean velvet lip tints. My lips feel comfortable and like a cloud. If I have really damaged lips, I usually put on a chapstick, blot it, & then this. It covers up any darker spots và evens everything out. Fair warning make sure you do the finger trick after putting it on because it gets on your teeth pretty easily, learned that the hard way! Just purchased in another shade.

Will not purchase again.


Sam fromTennessee

I had this on my lips for maybe trăng tròn minutes và ended up with most of it on my teeth rather than on my lips. And the corners of my mouth smudged almost instantly.

Marrakesh-mere is THE perfect reddish brown shade


clairemunoz fromNew Orleans, LA

I LOVE the color Marrakesh-mere, especially in this formula. It"s a lightweight, powdery matte (note: NOT super drying, but also not super longwearing), which I personally prefer. This formula is very reminiscent of a K-beauty matte lip. You can get an effortless blotted lip with one coat or an opaque look with two coats. Smells lượt thích vanilla, nothing gross. I also love this formula as a cream blush for a monochromatic look! It wears BEAUTIFULLY as both a comfortable, somewhat longwearing lipstick và a longwear cream blush. Such a unique formula. Highly recommend!

Dries up lip


Jem fromDallas

I wish I could lượt thích this brand, since I heard so many good nhận xét from friends. Unfortunately, it wasn"t very friendly to lớn my lips. Within 2 hours of wearing this, my lips started feeling cracked. Although I love the pigmented color, the dryness is a no for me

Beautiful color and feel


Pascale _B fromGrand Terrace, CA

I tried this when I was looking for a new matte lip màu sắc that wouldn"t dry out my lips I ended up purchasing several of these in many colors. Only thing I don"t like is the applicator I wish they sold it with the flat brush applicator like the liquid lipsticks it would make it so much easier for the hàng hóa to be applied và spread better I usually have to lớn use my finger after it"s been applied with the applicator khổng lồ smooth it out for that diffused look.

Great choice/color


None fromRichmond, Back

Though we are in a pandemic and wear mask I still desire to be beautiful even under a mask. Love love love this sản phẩm ❤️



Shavon fromWinston Salem

While I love the color, this lip color (and most other formulas MAC currently has) are absolutely terrible & transfer after one meal or smudge all over your face when you wear a mask. I used to lớn buy the Pro Longwear lip màu sắc and that stayed on all day with no problems. I really hate that they discontinued it. I"m literally unsatisfied with every other lip màu sắc since they stopped making it!

Perfect Texture buildable for a minimal or heavy makeup look


Brittney fromIrvine, CA.

This is my new go-to liquid Lipstick. It"s buildable, so I can địa chỉ a little and wear it with minimal makeup if I wanted- or pack it on and rock a bold makeup look. The texture is incredibly soft. It never feels sticky. That said, it never LOOKS drying, but it kind of is. I have khổng lồ remember to put a little lip balm on after wearing it, or my lips will feel dry the next day. That"s not an issue for me though, as most liquid lipsticks are drying.

Beautiful formula; Defective container


Tcf fromUSA

I bought Marrekesh Mere, a beautiful reddened brown liquid lip color, fell in love with formula & bought it for my sister, aunt & mom. After a few uses(less than 10), I noticed hàng hóa oozes out of container under the metal seams which had come loose. It was sitting my makeup cabinet so it"s not because I traveled with it. I discovered this same problem when my hand got covered with liquid lipstick. I also bought impulsive và same thing has happened with that one as well, but I got a quick replacement with impulsive, but have recently had a very hard time getting marrekesh mere replaced. It took 2 separate calls & total of speaking with 3 different reps khổng lồ get told again that a replacement will be shipped—it could be the offshore điện thoại tư vấn center? I"ll see if it arrives this time. But it"s the over of my purchase of this formula. I ordered powder kiss ruby boo which has a black plastic ring instead of metal, so maybe the packaging supplier changed? I love the powder kiss liquid formula but the packaging is a fail. I"m also little embarrassed that the marrekesh mere that I gave out as gifts may be defective too. It"s too much of hassle.

the BEST matte lipcolor!


Erin B fromMinnesota

I have tried every matte lip sản phẩm out there & they all dried onto my lips và left them feeling parched. I found this product and fell in love,! it doesn"t dry onto your lips, it wears like a lipstick, but has a velvety matte finish. I like a little more subtle look so I dab it on my lips and apply with my finger, but you could layer it on for bolder color. I started with a couple of shades, but have ended up buying seven of these, I love them all!

Great màu sắc and Feel


Zoeyrocco fromGeorgia

Love this lipcolour. It is smooth and moisturizing. Goes on evenly và last without being drying.



Sk fromCalifornia

This reviews is for crossfire, true coral feels nice và light on the lips, love the formula build able I like the applicator easy khổng lồ apply



Mike fromIowa

Wife loved it và wanted more. Said it looked good & lasted all day on her

Powder kiss Lipstick


Mariam fromNew york

Great lipstick. Glides on like soft powdery feeling. Love the màu sắc and feel of it. It doesn"t feel heavy or sticky at all. It feels so soft and light. Would definitely buy more from this collection.