Optimal nhabepvn.comcation tools realized through a kiến thiết that emphasizes comfort in the hand, legibility, and usability through the pursuit of simplicity

Instantaneous key recognition và ease of operation, the result of careful attention to lớn design details

More comfortable in the hand!

A rounded design that fits naturally in the hand và a slim toàn thân that’s comfortable khổng lồ hold

Attachable và detachable in any direction!

Hard case that’s attachable và detachable in any direction for greater ease of use

More legible!

The keys have been made rectangular, making them easier to lớn press. They are also easier lớn read because of larger text.

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Easier khổng lồ use!

Highly visible, easy-to-press cursor keys and function keys

The photo shows the fx-991ES PLUS 2nd edition.

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2 quality Authentic quality

Excellent chất lượng and authentication ensure confidence & peace of mind for use in nhabepvn.comcational settings

1Tough & Sustainable

nhabepvn.com has established three criteria to ensure excellent chất lượng in the ES PLUS series.

1.Wear-resistant printing

2,000-cycle wear testing

Since ES PLUS calculators are products used for many years as learning tools, the keys are made of a material that offers high durability và resistance lớn print peeling.

2.Drop-resistant body

Drop testing from a height of 75 centimet

The high product quality prevents malfunction or breakage when a calculator is dropped.

3.Environmentally friendly

Compliant with RoHS environmental regulations

The materials used in ES PLUS series calculators comply with European RoHS environmental regulations, an international standard.

*Complies with DEHP, BBP, DBP, & DIBP

These three quality features ensure that nhabepvn.com ES PLUS series calculators are nhabepvn.comcational tools that effectively support learning.

2Authenticity Check

Two methods enable authenticity checking before & after purchase.Furthermore, Premium content is available lớn registered users of genuine ES PLUS series calculators.

Web Authenticity check System

There are two website Authenticity check methods. Confirm hàng hóa authenticity by using a điện thoại to scan a QR code attached to lớn the hàng hóa package or shown on the calculator display.

Before purchase

Check on the calculator packaging


A hologram sticker is affixed to lớn the package.Please confirm the sticker.

The photo shows the fx-991ES PLUS 2nd edition.

Note: The example shown is a simulated QR Code.


Read the QR Code section of the hologram sticker affixed khổng lồ the package with your smartphone.


Go khổng lồ the QR Code link. One of the three pages below will appear.

Likely khổng lồ be a genuine product.

May not be a genuine product.

Not a genuine product. Please do not purchase.

Note: The website Authenticity check estimates the authenticity of the hologram sticker based on QR Code read status trends. This kiểm tra does not necessarily guarantee the sản phẩm is genuine.

Hologram sticker

A QR Code và sticker printed with a hologram as shown below are affixed to lớn the sản phẩm package.

The hologram has an iridescent rainbow color section & a shiny white section, và the nhabepvn.com hình ảnh is visible.

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Note: This differs from the actual colors because màu sắc shades vary depending on the direction of the light. The hologram sticker has the following characteristics that make it difficult khổng lồ copy.

When the sticker is tilted to the left and right, the màu sắc changes. When the sticker is rotated, the shading is reversed.

Note: A hologram sticker is affixed in limited countries.

Use the above characteristics to authenticate a product.

After purchase

Check on the product display


From the mode selection screen, press the 0 key khổng lồ display a QR code on the calculator display.

The photo shows the fx-991ES PLUS 2nd edition.

Note: The example shown is a simulated QR Code.


Scan the QR code with a điện thoại thông minh to go khổng lồ the linked webpage.


Choose Authenticity kiểm tra or User"s Guide.

Authenticity Check

Go to lớn the QR Code link. One of the two pages below will appear.

Likely to lớn be a genuine product.

Not a genuine product.Please vày not purchase.

User"s guide

Go lớn the User’s Guide Page on website.

“QR code” is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated in japan and other countries

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3 Function Natural Textbook Display

Features Natural Textbook Display format for displaying equations và calculation results just as they appear in textbooks

Fraction và square root



Statistical calculations

Equation calculations

Complex number calculations

Matrix calculations

Vector calculations

SOLVE calculations

CALC calculations

Integration calculations

Differential calculations

Scientific constants

Metric conversions

Natural Textbook Display models that make it easy lớn teach & easy khổng lồ learn!

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4 Premium content A variety of original nhabepvn.com content is available lớn make learning mathematics fun.

Users can access this content by registering after the authentication check.

1Math Game

Become familiar with mathematics while playing a fun game.

Available languages:English, Thai, Indonesian

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Enjoy an original manga linked to the math game.

Available languages:English, Thai, Indonesian

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3Certificate of Authenticity

Download the e-certificate of authenticity with your name and unique identifier code.

Available languages:English, Thai, Indonesian, Bengali, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic

4Mock Exam Papers & Exam Preparation Booklet

These books use the fx-991EX when illustrating how lớn use the calculators.

Mock Exam Papers :The booklet contains mock exams and tips for use in class.

Available in Pakistan only *

Exam Preparation Booklet :Commentary and answers

Available in Bangladesh only *