Watch: Yoo Jae Suk And Lee Da Hae Overcome Fear Of

Lee Da-hee Appeared in Running Man

South Korea’s variety show program, SBS’s Running Man, is always eagerly awaited, every episode. It can be seen from the viewer’s ratings that the program is increasing its following. Actress Lee domain authority Hee appeared as an unexpected guest in the latest episode of Running Man, which airs on every Sunday. She was very entertaining, showing off her stupidity and boosting the variety show ratings.

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During the episode, Lee Da-hee often performed strange và perfect dances, suddenly transformed into singers lượt thích Lee Jung-hyun & S.E.S. Even so, Lee Da-hee can participate as a visitor with a competitive spirit.

Da Hee’s appearance attracted an even larger audience than Running Man usually draws. The episode scored an average rating of 6.5 percent in the first round, and 9.9 percent in the second round.


Quoting from Newsen via Nate, the rating increase was also triggered by the shocking bond built by Lee Da-hee with Running Man‘s permanent personnel, Lee Kwang-soo. The two partners spent most of the game joking & fighting with each other.

They spend most of the games full of jokes và quarreling with each other. One scene that really invited the audience’s laughter was at lunch. Lee Da-hee swiftly stole meat from Lee Kwang-soo’s sandwich & ate it, when the man nicknamed the Giraffe wasn’t looking. The episode is full of quarrels between the two of them.

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But, unexpectedly, the scene stole the audience’s attention & got an impressive rating of 13 percent, was when Lee Da-hee denounced Kwang-soo, after failing khổng lồ fulfill a promise during the last mission. “It’s you who is very bad, you’re insolent!” said Lee Da-hee, which then triggered the laughter of the other members.

Yoo Jae-suk also said that Da-hee’s words would be a new slogan on the popular event.


Now, when Lee Da-hee again appears on Running Man, Haha welcomed her by saying, “Lee Da-hee, her friend who is brash.” Then Lee Da-hee took out the important card used in the previous appearance. “Kwang-soo, I prepared this for you. You threw it away, right? I saved this to keep our memories. Did you throw it away?” asked Lee Da-hee.

Lee Kwang-soo had a hard time finding the words to answer Lee Da-hee ‘s question, but their interaction turned out to have received protests from Haha because he was upset lớn see the love line being forced on them. “Hey, you two, don’t force to make love lines,” said Haha. “I hate this thing the most. Things like this have ended since tuy vậy Ji-hyo & Gary,” said Haha, and made everyone laugh.